We have a long history in working with welded assemblies. We work with parts from just a few inches long to equipment frames larger than a car. The methods employed will vary with the size, material and volume of the parts to be produced. Certified welding to Mil W-6804 is available. We can help with requirements from as few as ten weldments to order quantities in the thousands.

Lower volume welded assemblies are usually hand built. It is here where the skill of the welder is most important. Extensive fixturing is not required as the components are ordinarily clamped or tack welded together. As the volume of the welded assembly increases, simple fixtures are usually built in order to save time on lay out and assembly.

For higher volume components modern robotic welding techniques are called into play. At this point precision fixtures are required in order to accommodate the high level of repeatability inherent to the equipment. In robotic welding applications you no longer have the skilled eyes and hands of the welder available to tap things back into line.

How we can help

Welded assemblies consist of multiple components. Often one or more of the subcomponents fall within one of our other area of expertise. We also have extensive experience in procuring other common materials such as structural steel shapes and aluminum extrusions. As your component grows in volume we will be there, adjusting the production strategy in order to keep you competitive in the marketplace.